Raimond Puts was born in the Netherlands in 1937, and continually explored forms of technical engineering throughout his career. He spent most of his early years fixing machines and tools for the fabrication of transistors, before gradually moving into the world of design. Often mistaken for a mathematics professor, Puts was completely self-taught, with a talent for building and designing complex forms. Living and working from his houseboat on Amsterdam's canals, Puts experimented with a vast range of materials, from his childhood Mechano set, to mosquito nets, paper, and notably, LED lights and stainless steel. His process was characterised by his love for geometric shapes and models, precise drawings and practical problem solving, which led to the development of his iconic Raimond light for Moooi. Combining beauty with functionality, Puts was not only interested in the exterior results, but looked to create objects where everything fits perfectly and is connected to everything else. Raimond Puts passed away in 2012.


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