Light things differently with the Space candles range

Candles will give your home that extra design touch, as well as adding to the scent with our scented candles range. At Space a candle isn’t just a candle though, it’s a statement thanks to our chandelier and candelabra options.

Take a look through our range online to see the unique designs that we offer for candle holders, giving your candle a unique look that won’t just brighten a room but also add to your design by complementing your furniture or acting as a feature.

We have a range available from the smaller single candles and candle holders up to the table candelabra or hanging candelabras that are sure to make an impression.

If you need any help finding the right chandelier, candle or candle holder then just get in touch with one of our sales associates who can help you find the right candles online or in store.


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