Born in Turin in 1905, Carlo Mollino received his degree in architecture in 1931 and followed it with a career that was highly diversified, covering architecture, design, interior decorating, photography, motor racing and town planning. Among his many accomplishments, he designed a wide variety of furniture and in the process developed new kinds of furniture using materials in extraordinary ways. Mollino created planes and cars and enjoyed stunt flying and car racing. He took ideas and technology from racing and use them in his designing process and material selection. His production made him one of the symbols of the entire 1950s; one of his major built works is the Turin University School of Architecture, where he held the chair of Architectural Composition and Decorating from 1952 to 1970. The Italian manufacturer Zanotta continues to produce many of Mollino's designs today including the Cavour writing desk, the Gilda armchair and the Ardea armchair.


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